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Hello and Welcome to my home on the web.
I am so glad you stopped by. Above & below,
you will find useful buttons to get around
in here. I have all kinds of things for the
whole family to see and read.

I started making web pages back in 1997,
I had no clue how to do it, but wanted to
do something. So I started at Thirdage
and made my first site, using the site
manager and uploading graphics one at
a time. In 2001 I was still at Thirdage,
but had branched out to MSN then tripod.
It was at tripod I learned ftp and that
was it. I have my handy dandy...notepad,
and ftp, and I am set.

Now I own my own domain
and I am lovin this a lot.
So on your travels through my site,
I hope you find something that you
really like a lot, and if you would
sign my guestbook somewhere along
your journey, I would just Love
that... Thank you again,
God Bless... SarahBrightEyes



The wav on this page is a special one.
It is John Denver and Placido Domingo
It was recorded by them in 1981, released in 1982
on John Denvers CD called
"Seasons Of The Heart".. Feburary 1982
it's my favorite of all his songs.
Hope you enjoy it too..


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