SarahBrightEyes (Lorie) is a Survivor

The Beginning

Well, let's see where to start? I guess at the beginning would be good. lol I was born in October 1949, in Los Angeles, California. From what I have been told, I walked late and didn't speak one word till I was three years old, not one word. My mom said I made up for it when I did start talking. My parents told me that I used to be out in the yard, pull diaper off, and try to walk in the street. They constantly had to watch me. First memory I have is a house in L.A. on 84th Place, big backyard, swing set, a blonde cocker spaniel, named Tippy. I had more fun in that yard. I had 2 big sisters, one about 7 years older, the other almost 3 years older. They used to play theater or put plays on, and dress up, and I remember watching. It was cool. I don't remember this, but when I was 4 I tripped over the dog, hit my head and mom took me to get checked and I had my first eye exam and from then on I wore glasses. Every year we went to the eye doctor for check ups, and I got new glasses a lot, because I was very rough on them. I remember the eye doctor so well, had the same one till I was 20. Well, in 1954 we moved to Hollywood to a new (old) house that my great grandma owned and wanted us near her. She told my mom and dad it was theirs as long as they lived there to be close to her. She lived about 6 blocks away. Our property was a 3-bedroom house and big backyard, and also on the property was a small back house that was rented out, and another 3-bedroom house next door that was a rental. So, when grandma died all this would go to my parents. I remember when we moved I was almost 6 and got tonsils out, it was awful, you know I can still imagine and smell that mask they held over my face? Whew! Since that I have tonsils again, who knows what they did to me, but they grew back. lol

Early School Days

Well, first grade started, and it was a catholic school in Hollywood about 8 or so blocks from home. I had an attention problem. My oldest sister graduated from that school the year I started and middle sister was 2 or 3 years ahead of me, so the school knew the Loper name for years and years. I remember having the sweetest nun for first grade. She was also my fifth grade teacher. That was cool. Here starts the first horror story I remember. When I was in 2nd grade I had a teacher, a lay teacher, not a nun, and her name was Mrs. Goldbachs, and she was huge, and wore dresses past her knee and nylons that stopped right above the knee, and big black high top old lady oxford type shoes. Well, I wasn't the smartest child, and you know how kids are, giggling and not paying attention. Mrs. Goldbachs was a tough old teacher, and she used to walk by my desk and pull on my braids, and just say, "pay attention" or "straighten up!" and jerk on my hair, WOW! My real name is Lorelei. My Dad named me, and I loved him dearly, but I hated my name in school. Good OLE Mrs Goldbachs was the first to call me "Laura Lies" and boy did she work it. She would tell me how bad I was and a liar I was, and I was no good. My classmates soon started with the "laura lies" and that made it double horrible for me. I sure didn't like it, and it made me not like my name either. Now if I got caught giggling or she thought I was talking, she would put me under her desk and continue teaching the class, all the while she was kicking me with those huge black shoes. She did that regularly. The hair pulling was a regular thing too. I remember her asking me, "why did you talk?" and just shaking and shaking my braids. I remember one day we came in class and I accidentally stepped on a boy's shoe on the back, and he told her I did it on purpose, and guess what she did? Yep, she walked me up and down the aisle several times, stepping on my heels with each step. I didn't like it there at all. I thought "I don't like school, and I have to not be here, I want to be home, playing with the dog or cat, or my toys, anywhere but here". I got stood in the corner ALLOT and under HER desk was her favorite thing to do to me. Oh! another favorite of hers was to get me in front of the class and lecture me, "why did you talk?, why don't you pay attention?, or ask questions of me and on and on, and while I tried to answer she would slap my chin upwards so my teeth would hit. I never told my parents anything that happened to me at school, I was scared, and I "THOUGHT" that is the way school is. After all, they were my elders, and I was always taught to listen and respect and do what my elders say. I did tell my mom when I was older what they had done, and she said if she had known, that teacher would have been out of a job. Because of this I didn't have a good track record on getting to school, I would wake up and have a stomach ache, or headache, I tried so hard not to go, but mom always got me there most of the time. I swore my children would never have to go through that kind of school, and was never going to send them to catholic school for sure!

Great Grandma :o))

Well, now starts the trips to great grandma's house. She used to make the best rolled up pancakes in the world. No one could make them like her. I would go over and watch TV with her, and play marbles in the living room on this cool coffee table she had, I remember it so well, and it was square and had this awesome tile inlay in the top of it. My sisters and me used to spend the night there and she had 4 bedrooms and the room we slept in had this huge featherbed in it. It was so cool. It had 4 posters, and fluffy WOW! I remember at night her house made little noises. I don't think I was scared, it just creaked. I had some great times at grandma's house. She was not too good in writing english and I would help her when I was old enough to. Oh yes, Great grampa was there till he died in 1965 or was it 1964? Well, anyway he was hard of hearing, and they were a trip to watch, he would hear what he wanted to and that's what grandma said anyway, lol They were funny to watch, she yelled at him, and he didn't pay attention allot of the time, but they loved each other. Grandma used to sing in German to me, and she tried so hard to teach me German, I didn't get it. I know only a few words in German today, lol