Greetings to all. I have just recieved this award, from Maven's Haven.
I am totally speechless. I invite you to read Maven's review
of me and my web site. This is the first one of these I have
recieved and I am very honored to display this review and
this top award from her.
I thank you from my heart.

Maven's Haven Award

You know life is full of surprises. I thought, this evening I'd go and spend some time in the web site of Sarah Bright Eyes and have come away feeling like I've met a kindred spirit. Quite simply put, this site is wonderful. It is filled to the brim with heart, and goodness, and is empowered by the soul of a very deep and caring woman. I was captured by Sarah's story of survival and hold her up as an example of what the human spirit is capable of. As a person who loves to make cassette tapes for friends and family, I got, and understood, and felt the gift she has left for visitors in the music included on her site. It was a treat for me to just sit back, relax, and listen. Each page was a wonderful musical journey. My gosh, I'm not even American and I was sitting here at my computer while I was on the God Bless America, and Flag pages just a singin and a cryin. If I'd a had a flag, I'd a waved it. I was happily surprised to find my wedding song, "All my Life," on the site, as well as other treasures like "He Stopped Loving Her Today," "One Last Cry", "Sunshine", and "Forever in Blue jeans." The loyalty and love Sarah has for her friends and family also shines through and counts for a lot in my books. She introduces visitors to her favorite people and makes us want to read more. I loved all the cooresponding pages and pieces of writing in the site, especially "Small Wooden People" on the holidays page. Her tribute to Princess Di had me in tears. And the music! I will visit Sarah's site again and again just to listen. There were minor things, like you had to push the back button on a few of the pages to go back, and one page was missing. But none of that mattered. Sarah Bright Eyes has bowled me over tonight. There are many people in this world who wouldn't understand, but I do. You see Sarah has the words and music - in the original voice of Kermit the Frog - to Rainbow Connection on the site. In a tough old world that counts for something big because it gave me a God shiver. Sarah Bright Eyes you have made me laugh, and cry, and smile. Your site is a reminder to all of us of the good things, joy, and healing to be found in music. For this reason I am awarding you my highest honour, a Maven's Haven Level 3 Award.

Please know that I have only ever given out this award once before. It is very very hard to get. Your heart and soul spoke me. Heart and soul count as much as anything to me. Thankyou for the amazing evening spent in your site.

Maven - July 30, 2001

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